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Music Money Workshop

Join  the community! A monthly 90 minute workshop that covers all the money and finance information that musicians need to know to have a successful career! Learn about managing irregular income, taxes, staying financially afloat through burnout and so much more!


1:1 Coaching

We'll start with a 2 hour game planning session to establish a full picture of your financial history, worries, and goals. You'll walk away with a full money plan and the steps to creating your money systems. After that, you can choose when our sessions best fit your schedule.


Guest Speaking

A 2 hour hands-on interactive class that will provide essential financial education to university students, public and university educators, symphony musicians and music organizations. Choose from an array of topics to best suit your students or employees.

Let's Chat!

Are you waking up in the middle of the night stressed about money? Do you love your career in music but fear you'll always struggle financially? Then it sounds like we need to chat!

In this 30 minute session we'll talk about some of your biggest money worries and cover the first steps to get you sleeping soundly through the night. 

(And the best part, it's free!)

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