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The one and only personal finance masterclass that prepares the university music student through the seasoned professional for the financial realities of a career in music.

What is the Musician's Money Masterclass?

A hands on workshop that will give participants the skills to feel confident about their money and grow financially.

Who is this for?

University Music Students

Public School and
University Music Educators

Arts Administrators and
Art Organizations


The Details

Creating Your Money System

Conquer your money mindset

Develop The Plan (money management basics)

Understanding Money Nitty-Gritty

Credit Cards

Debt repayment

Student loans

Self employment finances

Growing Your Money

Investing 101

Retirement plans

Building wealth

Each topic is 2 hours long.

The workshop can take place in  1 day or be broken up over different days.

Choose the topic(s) to be covered during the workshop: 

Personal finance does not have to be rocket science

Contact me today to schedule your masterclass!

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