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Music Money Workshop

Are you...

Living paycheck to paycheck?

Unsure how to organize your inconsistent and irregular income?

Worried you'll never be able to retire?

Always anxious when you look at your bank account?

Image by Anthony Tran

As musicians we've been told that we will always struggle financially throughout our career, continuously be trying to make ends meet, and never feel financially secure (much less financially confident).

But what if you could...

  • Create a plan that allowed you not to worry about your money
  • Establish a system to have consistent reoccurring income
  • Start saving and planning for retirement
  • Get out of debt 
  • Increase your income within the field
  • Establish benefits for yourself even if you're self-employed
  • Take time off without worrying about a dip in income
  • Understand exactly how to prepare for tax season
  • Have confidence setting your rates

and start being free from your money anxieties


Welcome to the
Music Money Workshop

A monthly 90 minute workshop designed specifically for musicians to take control of their money, get their questioned answered by experts, and gain confidence about their music career.

A community focused on your success

Each month we...
  • Cover a vital topic for musicians including finances (obviously), career development, wellness, and so much more.​​
  • Answer your questions so you never have to wonder.
  • Breakdown how to create a money system that you can count on.
  • Hear from other musicians creating financial success in this career field. 
Image by Manuel Nägeli

Workshop Members Get

1. Monthly Workshop Calls 

Get invitations to all workshop calls each month. These calls are roughly 90 minutes where we will cover a specific topic in depth. Live Q&A's will happen each call so all your questions can be answered (even if it has nothing to do with the monthly topic!).

2. Music Money Library

Guess what? Each call is recorded! So even if you can't make a workshop, you'll be able to go back and watch what you missed. And, even if you can't attend a workshop but have a question, it will still be answered!

3. Templates and The Money System

We all know how time consuming it can be getting your finances organized especially if you have no idea where to start. As a workshop member, you'll get access to The Money System and financial templates which will give you the information and the resources needed to start creating your own system. 

4. The Music Money Community

Everything is better when you can do it with a friend. By joining the workshop you'll be able to meet other musicians, ask them questions, and see what others are doing who are creating financial success in this industry.

Extra: 1:1 Coaching

Workshop members up the opportunity to upgrade their membership to add 1:1 coaching. Get personalized help that will tackle all of your financial and career concerns.

Money can be a deeply emotional topic.

The Music Money Workshop allows you to get the information and education you need without being put on the spot, feel judged, or be singled out.

We'll Cover Topics Like:

Your Monthly Income and Expenses
How to Start Saving Retirement Options for Self Employed Musicians
Managing Irregular Income
Being a Small Business Owner
Running a Small Business
Paying off Debt
Creating a Benefits System
Negotiating Gig Compensation

Building Good Credit
Investing for the Musician
Increasing Your Income
Buying a House
Protecting Yourself Legally as a Self Employed Musician
Overcoming the Starving Artist Mindset
Building Your Money System
Setting Your Rates

And so much more!


Who is this for?

Recent music graduates looking to get off on the right financial foot 

Classical musicians living pay check to pay check

Individuals in the music field who have high money stress with no idea how to conquer it.

Musicians don't have to struggle financially forever

It's time to stop feeling stuck, anxious, stressed, and worried about your career and money.

Here's our upcoming calls:

Workshop calls alternate between Thursday evenings and Friday mornings.

Calls are recorded and workshop members have access to all recordings. Remember that if you are unable to make it to the live workshop, your question will still be answered so be sure to watch the replay!

January Workshop
Creating Your Year:
How to get started managing your money to create the year you want

Thursday, January 19, 8:00pm EST

February Workshop
Finding Stability:
How to create consistent income as self employed musician

Friday, February 17, 12:00pm EST

Image by Anne Nygård
Image by Artem Beliaikin
March Workshop
Being a Small Business Owner:
Learn how to run your music career like a small business (because it is!)

Thursday, March 16, 8:00pm EST

April Workshop
Paying Yourself First:
Optimizing your savings to live the life you want

Friday, April 14, 12:00pm EST

Image by Josh Appel

Ready to join?

Workshop Only



Get access to the monthly 90 minute workshop and the Slack community.

Workshop +

1:1 Call


Get access to the monthly 90 minute workshop, the Slack community, and an annual 1:1 call

Workshop +

Bi-annual 1:1 Calls


Get access to the monthly 90 minute workshop, the Slack community, and 2 bi-annual 1:1 calls

Workshop + 4 Quarterly 1:1 Calls


Get access to the monthly 90 minute workshop, the Slack community, and 4 quarterly 1:1 calls.

Want to join us for one workshop only?
Drop in!

(You will get access to the next workshop coming up)

Workshop Single $60

Meet Anamarie

Hi! I'm so excited to work with you!

The year after I finished graduate school was filled with a lot of ups and downs, and more than a few breakdown moments on my couch. I realized that all my education had taught me how to be a great musician and flutist, but I had no idea how to create a living as a musician. I didn't know how to budget my irregular income, how to save for retirement, or even pay off my student loans. And what about taxes as a self employed individual? I was overwhelmed, living paycheck to paycheck, and worried I would always struggle finically. 

That all changed when I realized I had to be the one to educate myself about money. I started reading every personal finance book I could get my hands on, listened to money podcasts, and enrolled to become a personal financial counselor. 

Now my goal is to help musicians like you understand personal finance basics, start creating a money plan, and help you feel confident in your career and wit your money.



The information in the Music Money Workshop is provided for educational use only. Financial coaching is not investment advice or financial planning. Information is provided with the understanding that I am not engaged to render legal, accounting, investing, tax, or other professional advice. You must additionally seek the services of an appropriate licensed legal, accounting, tax, or investment professional.

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